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The Detroit Cast - Episode 1611
TDC Podcast topics - taking naps all day, Hard Knocks Detroit Lions has Mike falling for the propaganda, Minnesota teachers union requires white teachers to be layed off or fired before "educators of color" to make up for past discriminations, Meta announces their new policies and safeguards for 2022 midterm elections, Alabama sororities unanimously reject membership for transgender applicants, Matt Walsh wants a national movement against the "utter madness" of trans ideology, German Monkey pox patient has rather extreme reaction to the virus, and email.

Episode 1610 August 15, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Mike might be having a heart attack, googling medical symptoms is not a great idea, Britney Griner's past comments on not wanting the national anthem played before WNBA games have resurfaced and people are reacting accordingly, the most globally elite psychopaths at the World Economic Forum have a plan for censorship for "online abuse", "hate speech" and "disinformation"...what could possibly go wrong, FBI report on the Rust movie set shooting could be trouble for Alec Baldwin, Woodstock 99 documentary "Trainwreck" on Netflix, and more.

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Episode 1609 August 11, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Tommy Lee shows his dick off to the world again, Twitter activates steps to "protect midterms" by fighting misinformation...what could possibly go wrong, trial begins in Kobe Bryant death photos case, minor attracted persons aka pedophiles are getting some love, Tennessee middle school teacher suspended for masturbating in front of students, counterfeiter scams 11 yr old at lemonade stand, Esus's religious segment, and email.

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Episode 1608 August 10, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - We welcome NFL Bob in studio, discuss Bitcoin with Bob, new survey says 8 in 10 Americans believe the US has a 2 tiered justice system, Ben Shapiro breaks down how Trump raid could rip apart the country, White House claims Soup wasn't aware of raid, Biden's been a liar for decades, Hard Knocks Detroit Lions, the 8th anniversary of Michael Brown's death, father accuses water park of racism, religious segment with Big E, and email.

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Episode 1607 August 9, 2022

TDC Podcast Topics - WNBA promoted tweet gets the response you'd expect, Ben Shapiro, Allen Dershowitz and Dan Bongino chime in about the raid at Trumps Mar-a-Lago home, if people have doubts about the legitimacy of the raid the media and government have no one to blame but themselves, the condition of Anne Heche is apparently way worse than originally stated by her reps, sounds like there was more to the story of the Oklahoma asst football coach accidently dropping what was likely an N-bomb, Kevin Smith takes issue with Warner Brothers dropping Batgirl, Fred Savage called out by 6 women who say he was fired from Wonder Years reboot for inappropriate behavior, WOKE Esus shows up, and more.

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Episode 1606 August 8, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Mike sticks a baseball in his ass, T-Roy deals with a shit show up north, Hard Knocks Detroit Lions starts tomorrow, Bill Maher blasts people for celebrating being fat, Renee Zellweger is catching heat for wearing a fat suit for new role, John Leguizamo is pissed after James Franco lands role as Fidel Castro in upcoming movie, Anne Heche gets hammered and drives her Mini Cooper into a house, Dane Cook's game nights with underage teen girls, Oklahoma football coach is out for reading forbidden word on players iPad out loud, Pete Rose talks about cock high pitch as well as saying "shit" on broadcast, and email.

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Episode 1605.2 August 5, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Britney Griner's wife is getting the house to herself for 9 years, Dane Cook completes the process of grooming Kelsi Taylor, Ron DeSantis is creating a job opening in the State Attorney's office, POWER OUTAGE, Amy Zemple joins the show, Dr. Fauci's lies are becoming a topic, Florida woman arrested for banging her dog, LA finally votes to crack down on homeless encampments near schools, and the best email ever.

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