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The Detroit Cast - Episode 1568
TDC Podcast - Mike Massé Day!!!.

Episode 1567 May 18, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Pro-abortion activists threaten to burn down the Supreme Court and murder justices and clerks, another Twitter exec caught on Project Veritas hidden video saying the quiet part out loud, a man who videotaped himself beating a elderly vet in a nursing home has charges dropped, conflicting accounts about what was going on with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins around the time of his death, high school kid plays drums with Pearl Jam, is a new searchable database if you'd like to read any of the 120,000 emails that paint a pic of just how criminal the Biden family is, and email.

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Episode 1566 May 17, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - Politicians fight each other to get to the mic to denounce radical domestic white terrorism in light of Buffalo shooter, Chuck Schumer blames Tucker Carlson for the shooters behavior, Michelle Obama introduces a new word...Womxn, Womxn's March adorably promises Summer of Rage, Florida signs law making it illegal to protest outside a persons home, new Sports Illustrated cover model revealed, Project Veritas releases new undercover video featuring a senior engineer at Twitter claiming the social media giant is totally censoring conservative voices, Pentagon shows congress declassified videos of UFO's, BLM released new tax filings and it's about what you'd expect, and email.

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Episode 1565

Mike Masse is coming to the Ark in Ann Arbor this Friday and he'll be in studio on Thursday, and yes, we will talk about the falling out between him and listeners a couple years ago, Buffalo racist shooter and the media's glee at knowing they could spend all day screaming white supremacy and how it's the single biggest threat to America, another mass shooting in Southern California gets much less attention, Candace Owens vs Patrice Cullors, Reuters reporter studies the BLM narrative and finds it to be a lie and they fired him, we look at the trailer for Matt Walsh's new documentary "What is a Woman", Wisconsin school district charges three 8th graders for using wrong pronouns, Britney Spears has a miscarriage, and email.

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Episode 1564 May 12, 2022

TDC Podcast Discusses - trainer of Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike allegedly posted a mean tweet about kamala Harris a couple years back, mom claims her 6th grade daughter was told to consider being trans at her school art club, Tony winner goes off on theatre goer for not wearing mask properly, Barbie has new more inclusive dolls coming in June, Elementary school teachers brag about ignoring parents requests to refer to their kids by their given names and genders, FIFA approved World Cup hotels in Qatar are refusing to admit LGBTQ guests or telling them to not "dress gay", update on the woman who wad both arms and a leg ripped off by 2 pit bulls and a german shepherd, and email.

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Episode 1563 May 11, 2022

TDC Podcast topics - more parents accuse school board of grooming their kids, actor James Cromwell superglued himself to a Starbucks counter cuz they charge too much for vegan milk, 3 yr old girl dies after an attempted exorcism, Adidas sports bra ad that showed 20 sets of titties is banned, Hooters waitress reveals the grossest comments men make about her, teenager is so allergic to water she can't cry or shower, Boeing jet aborts take-off after 9 passengers were AirDropping flight crash pix to other passengers on board, and email.

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Episode 1562 May 10, 2022

TDC discusses - abortion debate rages on, Chicago mayor ghoul issues a call to arms over SCOTUS, Tom Hiddleson thinks his character "Loki" coming out as bi-sexual is very meaningful, chest binders and packing underwear to be featured at Target for Pride month in June, Dave Chappelle wants felony charges brought against his attacker, Britney Spears cry for help, Indian surgeon plans to implant a womb into a trans woman so they can give birth and email.

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